Supercharge Your Business Sales Using Virtual Reality Marketing

At SodakaDigital we always look for ways to enhance your business in the virtual world.We offer innovative services, and we are using the latest technologies. We are innovators in the use of virtual reality.

At Sodaka
Digital we always look for ways to enhance your business in the virtual world.
We offer innovative services, and we are using the latest
technologies. We are innovators in the use of virtual reality.

Virtual reality is a relatively
recent technology that has many applications in marketing. Your company can utilize the benefits of this
technology. In this article, we will go
through all the advantages of this new
sector, including information about the market share, applications, plus an
overview of the industry.

Where is Virtual Reality
(VR) Heading in the Future?

interest in virtual reality is rising quickly rapidly. According to Statista (, in the
United States, over half the people from ages 14 to 49 showed some kind of
interest. Only 4% of people between 14 and 19 years had zero interest in this technology, while for the oldest age
group analyzed, this number rose to 12%. The most interest was shown in young
adults aged 20 to 39. So, around 75% of people are interested and willing to
use this technology. That suggests the possibility
of remarkable growth in the market share
of virtual reality in the years to come.

So far, the predictions for 2020 are expected
to turn VR into a 15.9 billion dollar business. Compared to the 4.7 billion
expected in 2017, that is a growth of over 300%. These numbers are predicted just for hardware, but software is
another fertile ground that is supposed
to have similar growth. If you are interested in going deeper into the
statistics, visit:

Don’t let your company stay out of this
trend, and look for ways to exploit virtual reality to your benefit.

Virtual Reality

Test before you buy is not always
possible for the most luxurious products. But with Virtual Reality, it is easy
to show potential customers what it is like to use personalized gear, vehicles,
and other useful objects.

For example, Forbes have reported how
a luxurious brand of sports cars uses VR
for test drives. Or how about boosting sales for hiking gear by allowing users to
experience extreme hiking at the store? Fashion is another application where people using a VR headset can get a front row seat to the most exclusive fashion
shows. Vacation spots could benefit massively by being marketed through VR
gear. You can find out more information at:

The list of applications for VR is potentially
huge, and the future of VR as a marketing tool is very promising. Go for it now
and be the first one to create a lasting impact on your clients. Eventually people will get used to VR, so use it now while
it still has the wow factor.

Virtual Reality
Entertainment and Gaming
The applications in entertainment are
broad. They range from virtual concerts, augmented reality toys, virtual
weapons, simulated shows, virtual games, fantasy experiences, movies, and ride
simulators for sightseeing and gaming. Even TV can be viewed with this
technology in a whole new dimension.

The line between the entertainment
industry and gaming is becoming narrower, and the applications for VR are
increasing every day. To read more information, visit, where
you will find dozens of articles about these and others applications:

Virtual Reality - Music

In addition to the applications for
entertainment, like virtual concerts, musicians are looking for other ways to
explore this technology. There are apps to connect with fans in ways that it
was not possible before. For example, the artist Dawn Richard has already made
some VR tours with 360° details in order to get closer to her fans. Not just
concert videos, but also music videos are produced using VR technologies.

Perhaps the most groundbreaking use
of VR in music is the opportunity to play alone or with your favorite artist.
With a virtual environment, the possibilities of becoming a pop star (virtually,
of course) are closer than ever. The industry is taking full advantage of this
new technology. Read more on the BBC News
website on the topic at:

Virtual Reality
The sports industry is no exception in
the use of VR. With VR technology you can watch your favorite match. But
instead of seeing it from the crowd’s point of view, for the first time you
will be able to enjoy the action on the field. The technology to make this an
excellent experience is still being developed. So far, tests have been performed
with basketball in the Euro league. Soon
this will be a marketable product everyone can enjoy.

This technology can also be used for
training purposes, to improve the gameplay of the professionals. It will be
like when pilots are trained with a simulator, except that this will be with athletes.
The possibilities are incredibly exciting. Learn more about applications on the
sports field at the research:

The Importance of Virtual
Reality Contents

The development of technology would not be useful if it were not accompanied by great content. The good
news for VR is that there are a lot of new companies involved in the creation
of content for all kinds of VR gear. The big brands are focusing on it too, and
VR is gaining attention quickly.

Get the experience of experts in
marketing when developing your VR content. At Sodaka
Digital, we are aware of the need to create the greatest and most lasting impact
on your potential clients. We can help you to make your VR idea a reality. Our
success speaks for us, and our team is growing. We
recently opened a new office in the Silicon Roundabout (March 2017),
where VR technology is happening today.

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