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At Sodaka Digital SEO Agency, we love social media platforms. We are situated at the epicentre of East London's creative hotbed Hackney, London., we use our passion and experience to offer exceptional social media marketing and strategies.

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Get Acquainted with the Digital World

It’s fair to say that social media is here to stay. While it may seem like the options are overwhelming, our team is on hand to help you navigate the realm of social media. There are fantastic opportunities for businesses to grow in the digital world. Trust our experts to guide your business in the use of these ever-changing platforms. Used effectively, your social media presence will build incredible bridges of communication between you and your clients.

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Getting to Know You

At Sodaka Digital SEO  Agency, we believe that getting to know our client is an important part of any online marketing plan. We spend the time needed to understand your business model, target audience, competitors, and ambitions. We consider ourselves to be your business partner and take pride in going beyond what is expected of us. Your interests are kept at the forefront of any social media plan we produce.

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Social Media Strategy and Development

Focusing on your online goals, we’ll establish a sound plan in order to market your business through social media. Actively engaged with you, our teams will search for marketing opportunities that are relevant to your business. This could be a new partnership, an interesting busiess relationship, or a new product being developed.


Analysing the Results

Because we take a holistic approach to our services, we don’t consider our work finished once your social media plan is implemented. Rather, we’ll analyse relevant data to determine how well your social media programme is working. This enables us to change or update your programme – ensuring you continue move forward with success.


Build Your  Reputation

Our team does more than simply putting your name out there. Instead, we make sure that we are enhancing your reputation – and your brand – by sending the right message to the right people.


A Considered  Process

The greatest plans must be implemented well in order to have effect. At Sodaka Digital SEOAgency, we have  a dedicated, detail-oriented, and experienced team of professionals who work to ensure that your social media plan is executed flawlessly.

Contact us today, in EAST LONDON Tech City, for details about the social media marketing and strategies we have to offer.

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