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We are a digital product agency based at the epicentre of East London’s creative hotbed Hackney. We create Intuitive and user engaging interfaces for iOs, WebApp and Android. We are extremely careful with the detail and the development process, ensuring that each pixel of Smartphone screen create unique user experience.

Personalised Designs

We’re specialists in developing responsive web designs that reflect the personality of your business. We utilise ever-evolving technologies to capitalise on mobile platforms, where consumer expectations are exceptionally high.


Optimising the User Experience

Working tirelessly, we assist brands and businesses in meeting their goals by putting the end-user at the centre of our designs. Our user-centric approach to design seeks to understand the motivations behind consumer behaviour. The result is adesign that is fit for purpose, error-free an d continuously improving.

By applying our own brand of creative ingenuity to robust design methodologies, we’re able to design, build, test, and implement powerful, engaging customer experiences. Easy to use and based around interaction, the designs we produce are results-driven.

The Agile Development Methodology

At Sodaka Digital™ SEO Agency, we’re dedicated to using agile methodologies to deliver solutions that users actually want to use. As part of this, we involve our customers from the early stages of development until the design and software is delivered. After that, we continue to assist with first-class support services.

Responsive Web Designs

Responsive WEB Designs

Responsive web design (RWD) is a new approach to design desktop, website and web application aiming and ensuring that desktop WebPages response to the size of the screen or web browser one is viewing with. And it adapts and response to any Smartphone devices, tablets and desktop using fluid, CSS3, HMTL 5.0 and flexible images.

MOBILE APPS DEVELOPMENT – Google Android - iOS – Windows Apps

We take your digital ideas to market. Sodaka Digital™ has proven experience in the world of app design, app development and testing.

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IP Trademark - Protecting Digital Innovations

We are Sodaka Digital™, empower our clients with knowledge of both the formal rights (registered and unregistered) informal rights, defensibility strategies available for effective product protection of the IP – intellectual property underlying mobile ideas, web-based Applications and software/digital products.

The IP protection we offer our clients includes -

• Patents and copyrights

• Registered Designs and trademarks

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