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Virtual reality has the power to immerse audiences like never before. We are situated at the epicentre of East London's creative hotbed Hackney, London, our agency produces VR videos and 360º videos that allow consumers tobe enthralled by another world entirely.

Building New Worlds

With skill and professionalism, we plan, design, and construct virtual reality experiences for all kinds of audiences and use-cases. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information about the services we have to offer.

Case Study: In-Store VR Product Launch

For this event, we partnered with Unicorn Events.

Audience: 130 Journalists and Buyers

Event Type: In-Store Virtual Reality Product Launch

Location: London, United Kingdom

Brief: To launch O2™ Smart Home to local press and small business through in-store design and delivery, with the home product demonstrated through VR.

Solution: Unicorn Events was challenged with creating an immersive virtual reality experience for the Smart Home product launch. Through the use of 360º cameras,
we were able to create an environment where the user could interact with the product and move around the virtual home – using the home hub on their journey.

We managed the entire guest journey, from invitations to final instructions and on-site VR delivery. Our creative lead completed the in-store theme and design planning through in-depth brand research and campaign immersion. With an incredibly tight budget, we were resourceful and bold in our purchasing process. Launch night included a full VR kit, on-site catering, design of the store, and attendee management.

Make Your Video Viral

Having an online presence through social media and avenues such as PPC is no longer a novel concept. At Sodaka Digital™ SEO Agency, we’re truly experienced in producing social media marketing through years of experience and a personal fascination with all things digital. We’ve mastered the craft of social media video marketing – producing the materials you need for followers to share ‘til their heart’s content. Simply provide us with a brief and we’ll work to make it happen. Whether it’s a 15-second Instagram™ video, a Facebook™ livestream, or highlight videos from larger campaigns, we’re on hand to help.


Professional Product Videos

Product videos can make or break the interest of your potential customers. That’s why we work to create outstanding brand film content for businesses across the globe. We accommodate an expansive selection of clients from sectors including finance, technology pharmacy, travel, literature, and leisure. We aspire to create content that inspires audiences and moves with the times.

Prior to any new product launch, a series of snippets or teaser trailers is the perfect way to get consumers excited. Following this, the final product video has to feature a sense of magic and drama while highlighting the product’s capabilities in the best possible light. At Sodaka Digital SEO Agency, we’ll do what’s needed to ensure your product enters the market with a bang.

Live-Action Recordings

There’s nothing quite like a live-action video shoot to show the product in a real-world environment. We’ll create a high-quality video that showcases the unique details of your product in a stylistic, dynamic, and accurate way. If you require a nice, simplistic video, then live-action is definitely the greatest and most cost-effective way of achieving your aims.

Receive a Sample

To receive a 5-minute sample 360º video sample, including recording and editing, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


We also have the ability to convert HD recordings into a virtual reality application. In this format, the video will hover in front of users in a VR environment.

Contact us today, in EAST LONDON Tech City , to learn more about VR videos and 360º video filming.

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