How A Home Office Will Improve Your Working From Home Experience


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought numerous unprecedented changes. The most significant of these changes is the number of people now working from home. Millions of global businesses have shut their offices due to Covid-19. As a result of this, workers across the globe have gone digital and are working from home. 

The #wfh culture has exploded, and many hope it’s here to stay. Others are less convinced and would rather a more traditional working environment.

In this post, we’re going to outline the impact Covid-19 has had on how we work, and show you how a home office will enrich your #wfh experience.

Psychological Impact Of Working From Home

Working from home has proven to provide several psychological benefits. Many have experienced reduced stress levels, more time for self-care, and prefer digitally communicating with coworkers and bosses. 

On the other hand, some are struggling to stay productive, are feeling isolated, and as a result, are struggling to stay productive.

Impact Of Having A Home Office

Whichever side of the #wfh debate you reside on, there’s no doubting that the home office will likely be a permanent fixture for many businesses. 

The economic positives of working from home are undeniable. Companies are benefiting from not paying for office space, and employees aren’t having to travel for a day at the office. Post-covid, many employees and employers will likely encourage working from home in some capacity.

If you are struggling with immersing yourself in the #wfh culture, here is how a home office will totally transform your experience: 

Create a division between your workspace and living space

By creating two separate environments, your brain will start to identify the home office for productivity and the other areas in the house as relaxation spaces.

Implement Two Different Digital Environments

Having a home office with an ikea desk and a desktop computer will help you divide your two digital environments. We’re all guilty of checking Facebook or scrolling through Instagram when we’re meant to be working. Setting up a designated desk where you’re only allowed on work-related appliances will help you curve this productivity sucking habit.

Declutter And Get Comfortable

Having your laundry hanging in the background when you’re trying to communicate over zoom isn’t ideal. Setting up a home office will eliminate any distractions or unwanted backdrops. Do an online order from Staples or Ryman and fill your home offices with the appliances you’d use in a regular office: pens, notebooks, digital appliances.

Whether you’re a fan of the digital work from home lifestyle or not, it’s a reality we have to face because of Covid-19. Creating a home office will dramatically improve your working from home experience, making you feel better and become more productive as a result.


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