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urprisingly, you need to take care of a lot of details when you are raising an online presence. Digital Awareness is the kind of thing you use to identify your company in a uniform way across the Internet. It is not something easy if you try to do it manually. The amount of information to check and the possibilities are endless, and a single person cannot take care of this enormous task.

Use the professional services of Sodaka Digital Local SEO to raise Digital Awareness for your Company. We specialize in Local SEO, and most of all a consistent NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number). That will get your potential customers trust you and find your business online no matter what source they use. Next, we will tell you some valuable information about how it is done.

The Importance of Creating Digital Awareness for your Brand

The Digital Awareness seems to be a new term from marketing that has little to do with your business. Nevertheless, it is all about connecting to your potential clients and
generating trust. Here are some essential facts that will give you a clear view of why it is important:

40% of the information on local businesses is not correct. 73% of your potential customers will not be your customers if they find wrong information online. Only in the UK, there are 16 million local searches daily.

Are you one of the 40% businesses that have wrong information and is losing 73% of his
leads? Or do you want to become one of the 60% companies that are maximizing its opportunities in the 16 million searches that occur every day? These numbers speak for
themselves. Start working on Local SEO today to increase your Digital Awareness.

The Process Simplified Trying to do the manual correction of all your information is nearly impossible. With the proliferation of online directories, it will take you forever to check and update all of them. While you are raising your Digital Awareness and doing manual Local SEO, you are taking your eyes off the actual operations of your company.

We know how to make it easier for you. Sodaka Digital Local SEO makes use of automated software to ensure full accuracy on your information. There will be no mistakes because we are experts on Local SEO and the enhancement of directory listings. Your visibility will boost to the sky with this kind of services.

The process to do it is quite simple, consisting of 4 steps:

STEP 1. We put your information where your potential customers are searching.

STEP 2. Sodaka Digital Local SEO uses the best cleaning tools to ensure all your data is accurate.

STEP 3. Your website will be linked to all relevant listings. This is practically an automatic process consequence of step 1 and 2.
We check the accuracy to ensure there are no broken links. You get the benefits!

STEP 4. Your online presence is maximized.
Simply let Sodaka Digital Local SEO do what we know how to do best: Digital Awareness and Local SEO. Then, you’ll have the chance to do what you do best: run your business operations.

The Advantages of Sodaka Digital Many vendors are offering similar services on the market. But we are different. Our experience has managed to simplify the process and improve your results for local searches. As a consequence, you will get: A fully managed service for Local SEO and Digital Awareness at an affordable price. Compared to what it would take to do all the cleaning manually, you will save thousands of dollars.

Plus, the saving of your valuable time and the time of your core collaborators.·
Your business will see the light online. Stop losing visibility right now. No more erroneous information across the web. We ensure all sources have accurate information.
We submit your business information to 525 different directories on the web.
You know it all because we give you a live report 24/7, accessible online.
Our reports are easy to understand so that you know what we are doing at all times.

Be part of sites like The Sun, Google, and Bing, where your potential customers are searching. If these advantages are not enough for you, contact us and ask for what you need. Our experience in Local SEO can be the missing part to enhance your business. We have successful customers, and we are expanding our business. We proudly announce that we are opened a new office in Silicon Roundabout, East London. starting March 1st, 2017. Be part of the successful team hiring our services.

Making use of Local SEO has a tremendous potential, but at the same time is a risk. If your potential customers find wrong information online, you will lose credibility, and that is very hard to gain. Avoid such beginners’ mistakes, and start raising your Digital Awareness. Do it now because every day people are performing searches where the right Local SEO can reach them.

There are 7 million businesses with wrong information on listings. Get out of that list, and get to the winning side today. To know more about how to raise the Digital Awareness for your company or about Sodaka Digital Local SEO, fill the contact form. We will get in touch in no time!

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